Without doubt, you have a range of mediums to select from when thinking about advertising your small business. In this digital age you could be forgiven for thinking that online and social media is the only way to go. However, the stalwart of the advertising business, print design, and specifically, the leaflet, should not be discarded with the click of a mouse…

Why print advertising works:

  • Research proves that print advertising is twice as effective as television for retailers.
  • Your business message is put straight into the homes of your customers.
  • It’s a tangible and touchable piece of information.
  • Leaflets can be creative, memorable and engaging.
  • They are the perfect solution to tell people who you are and what you do.
  • Production is easily changed and adapted to fit with your business in times of growth and change.
  • Print media is by far the most cost-effective way of advertising.

Examples of Classic print advertising

Just like these examples of print advertising, If you do it well, a good print advert can stick around in your mind for many years.


Starting as they meant to go on, Apple’s first campaign embodied everything that their brand stood for; simplicity and a straight-to-the-point tone of voice!

United Colours of Benetton used the arresting image of a freshly born baby to sell their clothes, and who could forget the car-crash-causing ‘Hello Boys’ ad from Wonderbra?! These ads are memorable, as they have been created to be!

Applying the lessons from famous advertising campaigns to your small business leaflet

How could you, your product, and your business be remembered long into the future? Is there a visual way to sum up your brand, product or ethos in a single snappy phrase or image?  Firstly decide WHO your audience is, we talk about this a little on our blog over here. Once you’ve got that, decide WHAT they want from you, and work that into your message, Next…HOW are you going to deliver that information?

What leaflet style works best for my business?

Once you’ve got your imagery, get it in front of your customers! Many people would automatically go for a simple A5 or A4 leaflet, and this might be your best option, but this is another opportunity to have fun, think about your customers and your brand, and maybe pick something out of the ordinary that will suit you better.

“As a rule, people always expect to turn a leaflet over, so be sure to utilise both sides if you go for an unfolded leaflet.”

– Kelly, Essex Leaflet Angel Designer

This is usually only a few pounds more on print costs too, so you’d be crazy to miss out on that extra space to get your point across. It also affords you the opportunity of applying the approach of the above ads, with a simple message or striking image on the front, leaving it clean and clear, and having all of your contact details and other important information on the back.

Leaflet folds

The single fold is one of the simplest and cheapest options and lends itself to businesses who need to show a ‘menu’ of services. Food outlets, beauticians, hairdressers and businesses alike this could be the one for you. Or perhaps your business is home or garden related? How about a Gate Fold – as your customer opens your business leaflet, they could imagine what their home looks like after letting you in!

          Single fold leaflet

Your customers will view your leaflet with their eyes but don’t forget to appeal to their other senses too. This is especially useful if you have a food or wellbeing-based business. Use words and images that will describe how they will feel when using your service. Or use images to make them want to try your product.

Leaflets to sell your services          

Playful leaflets

Make your leaflets bold, brilliant and be better than your competitors, it’s time to get creative! Play around with the words in your business name and the words that would describe you and what you do. A pun used will help to make your leaflet memorable and unforgettable.Seat ad, great puns in advertising

Be conscious that colours have secret hidden meanings. Green and blues can depict a sense of calm or have links to nature. Whereas, whites and creams hint at purity and simplicity and vibrant hues shout creativity, a sense of fun and risk taking. This fabulous infographic from dailyinfographic.com sums it up perfectly!


If your leaflet can make your customer smile, then they will remember you. Fact!

Making your customer stop and think about something is another way to reach them and their needs, even before they knew they needed you. In fact, if your leaflet can evoke any emotion in your customer then that’s a good thing. Think about why those charity adverts tug at our heart strings and have us donating.

Final Thoughts

Ensure that your USP, product, business service and message won’t be missed on your leaflet. You can read more about designing a leaflet in our blog post here. Remember you need to be better and more memorable than your competitors!

Hopefully, this article has given you lots to think about. Keep those ideas coming as our next blog will introduce you to the online tools and software available to you, to help your ideas come to life!