Location, Location, Location

OK so you have a super clear idea of who your ideal customer is and how you can meet their needs but the question is: Do you know WHERE they are?

Pointless meets the Postcode Lottery

Garage conversions? I don’t have a garage.

Double glazing? Surely, they can see I already have it.

Landscape gardening? I live in a first floor flat.

Driveway maintenance? I don’t have one.

Stair lifts? For a bungalow.

Golfing lessons for people who live in a student area ?

Kebab delivery in a retirement village ….

Do you see our point? 

Having a clear avatar of your customer will enable you to know where your customer lives.

With all of our knowledge and experience in leaflet distribution, we can then help you decide the best locations for your leaflet drops.

Unlike other companies, we will not deliver to every letterbox in every area just to get the job done, we will ensure that every leaflet dropped is targeted in an appropriate box for maximum impact to you and your business.

Play your cards right

Let us know:

  • The areas your services cover
  • Your customer profile
  • A little bit about your services
  • When you want them delivered
  • Your expected outcome from the campaign

With your determination and our expertise your leaflets will drop straight into the heart of new business quickly and efficiently.

Give us a call and we can be a partnership that does our best so that you can do your best-just like Kirsty and Phil!

Everyone’s a winner!

If you would like more help with running your own successful leaflet campaign, then give Essex Leaflet Angel a call on 01702 780026.