Frequently Asked Questions

What is the likely response to leaflet distribution?

It very much depends on what type of industry your business is in.

For our property buying business we have to deliver 50,000 leaflets to buy 1 house. However the profit margins in that business are greater than if we were selling pizzas. In the food industry you would normally find a response of between 1-2% which is 10-20 pizza’s sold for every 1000 leaflets distributed.

What areas do you cover?

We deliver your leaflet and ours in the following areas Southend, Westcliff, Leigh on Sea, Shoeburyness, Thorpe Bay, Rochford, Hockley, Eastwood, Rayleigh, Basildon, Laindon, Canvey, Stanford-le Hope, Benfleet, Hadleigh, Thundersley, Wickford.

How many leaflets will go out with mine?

As we deliver your leaflet along with ours, we are quite protective of how many leaflets go out as we want all of them, including ours to be read. We deliver as few as 2 at a time up to a maximum of 4, always including our own. We are also very careful not to deliver any similar leaflets. For example, we buy houses, so we never work for Estate Agents. If you sell pizza, we will not deliver your leaflet with another food leaflet. We also will not re visit that area again for a minimum of 4 weeks.

How soon can my leaflets go out?

This very much depends on our current scheduling. Mostly we run 3-4 weeks in advance. As soon as we have both your leaflets, and your payment for delivery, we will add you to the plan for your chosen area. We will always do all we can to accommodate you and will always let you know when we can deliver your leaflets before you book with us.

How much per 1000 do you charge?

Our pricing is transparent and fixed. £35 per thousand leaflets delivered up to 10,000. For orders booked and paid for of over 10,000, delivery is just £30 per thousand leaflets. Payment is required in advance of delivery

Can we have a Solo Drop?

We are afraid not. The whole reason we set up Essex Leaflet Angel is to deliver our own leaflets for our house buying company, Essex Property Angel, so your leaflet will always go out with at least one other leaflet, ours.

Can you arrange a staggered drop, drop 10,000+ leaflets and send out 2,000 per week?

Yes we can arrange this for you as long as all of the areas are arranged in 1 meeting, we have the total amount of leaflets supplied in 1 go and you pay for the whole drop in 1 go. Remember if you book over 10,000 leaflets with us in 1 go you get them at a reduced rate.

How can you guarantee delivery?

We pay a leaflet supervisor, whose job it is, just to watch the leaflet droppers deliver leaflets. We also ask that our droppers carry GPS trackers, which the office checks daily, along with the fact that we complete 2 random doorstep checks a day through our portfolio of rental properties.

How many leaflets do you send out per week?

We deliver to no more than 10,000 letter boxes each week. We could do more, but we have decided to stay at this level to ensure our leaflet droppers get the right amount of rest and that we are able to control the quality of service we provide

Can I pick the type of properties my leaflet gets delivered to ?

No, I am afraid we cant select a particular type of property. We work in pre mapped areas of 1000 properties. However we do NOT deliver to flats or new build areas. We have found over the years that 90% of our customers do not want to be deliver to these types of properties as it provides them with a poor return.




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