In previous blogs we have looked at knowing your target audience, even if you think you know, it is worth re visiting your knowledge and understanding of your prime customers periodically.

Whichever demographic you use to pinpoint your target audience: location, age, gender etc. you should always consider if you are really reaching them to your fullest advantage.

Social media

Think about how you use social media, is Facebook still the front runner on the social media platforms as it was a few years ago? Are your target audience actually seeing your Tweets? Would the Instagram platform be worth considering? Of course, this is for you to research, investigate and decide. However, it is always sensible to talk to your customers and stay up to date with their online preferences as this will differ hugely depending on the variable of your target audience.

Business friendships

Teaming up with a complimentary business who has the same target audiences as you to promote each other simultaneously is another great way to promote your business. A local garden centre and a small landscaping business could build a relationship working together to benefit both businesses as they are likely to be targeting the same people with their marketing campaigns. Likewise, a beauty business with a jewellery maker, or a carpenter and an electrician. Think about the local businesses in your area and do not be afraid to get in touch with a suggestion that could help you both.

Leafleting (our favourite!)

A marketing strategy that proves effective with most demographics continues to be print marketing through leafleting. Although it sounds like a more simple advertising campaign, it is known for reaching a wide range of customers and quickly particularly as not all of your customers may be familiar with social media platforms or do not interact with them at all. In this case, it would be wise to think about alternative ways to keep in touch and keep on promoting your business and services. Door to door leafleting still remains one of the most cost-effective ways to spread the word about your small business, so don’t be afraid to go back to basics.

Keeping in touch with established customers is always worth your time and effort. A leaflet with a special offer, discount, or a small gift such as a business pen, notepad, mug, or memory stick just for them rewards loyalty and recommendations and will ensure continued service. You can do this by personally popping something through their door or taking advantage of adding it to an invoice or an outgoing delivery.


Don’t forget to track the success of your marketing, online statistics or leaflets with a reference code to be given, or a generated QR code. You need to see which areas of your campaign are working and which are not to enable you tweak or readjust your strategies. This will also give you are greater understanding of your average customer.

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