About you and your business…

Brand, Logo, Colours

This is essential to ensure that your business is seen and recognised. Use colours from your logo to create a seamless effect that links your words and information directly with your brand and logo.

Images to show the purpose of your business

A picture truly does paint a thousand words, so select images that will tell your customer who you are and what you do. Avoid generic shots from the internet if you want to be shown to be shown as individual, authentic and trustworthy.

For your customer…

Clear Headings and subheadings

These will signpost your customer to all the key information that you want them to see. Think about the three most important things you want your customer to see or notice and give these an image and a heading/subheading.

Appropriate and persuasive language

You want your information to be taken in, understood and acted on. This does not mean you have to swallow a dictionary, but also you should avoid an over friendly, sickly sweet tone that could come across as false.

An understanding of who they are and what they want

Include information that shows that you know who your customers are and what they want. Think about why they could come to you and what you could do for them. Use words that say you understand them and their possible needs for using you.

Easy access to contact you

You must make it super easy for your potential customers to contact you. An email address and a mobile phone number is a must. Additionally, nowadays social media is the talk of the town so include links to all your social media platforms.

A reassurance of what great service they can expect from you

Especially if the service that you provide is expensive, reassure your customers that they will be getting value for money and a reliable service and fulfil this! Return customers and recommendations are worth their weight in gold, so do everything you can to ensure that your customers feel valued and safe.

Look professional…

Blank space

Try not to cram your font and images together. Black space around text boxes helps your customer to take in information at ease, as well as giving your leaflet and clean and professional finish that says you are confident and in control.


Balance is everything. Think about your business, your service and your customer; if they see an overly expensive leaflet, will they assume that you will be too expensive? On the other hand, a very low budget leaflet might have them thinking that you don’t care or take pride in your work. Go for the middle ground to stay safe.

Basic and correct spellings and grammar

This is not something to panic over, but it is something that speaks volumes to your customers if you get this wrong. At the very least you should make sure that you use full stops and capital letters correctly. Even better still, commas and apostrophes. If spelling is not your strong point then use the internet or a good friend to help you check those tricky ones.

Something different

You have a USP that makes you stand out and be noticed, don’t you? So, make sure that your leaflet has one too. Some humour, a rhyme, an interesting fact, a top tip, anything to show that you are not like the rest of them-you’re like the best of them!

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