Choosing your leaflet font can be trickier than you think, here are a few hints and tips on choosing the best one for your business.

Meeting the right ‘FONT’ for you.

We have all been there, wanting to jazz up our leaflets, needing to see something other than ‘Arial 12 point’ so we click the dropdown menu and we are then overwhelmed.

Firstly, the names, where do they get them from? and then secondly the vast array of letters in hundreds of different fonts. By the time you have scrolled to the bottom of the list you have forgotten the four that you thought would work on the way down and then must start again.

Aside from their strange and peculiar names: Serif, Sans, Gigi, Calibri etc you really should give considerable thought to the power and effect that a ‘font’ can have on your small business leaflet campaign and here’s why…..

The font that you use could literally make or break your leaflet campaign, but fear not, we have done the trawling for you and come up with your essential guide to the best fonts to use depending on your business type and marketing message and more importantly the ones to definitely avoid.

Clear bold message

If you want simple, optimum clarity and easy to read information then these are the fonts to use: Calibri, Helvetica, Georgia, Arial, Avenir, Futura, Verdana, Century Gothic-these fonts are user friendly, safe, secure and unintimidating.

Businesses with a shorter or one word name would usually use these fonts in branding, it is also a firm favourite when advertising an offer or USP.


Make it personal

Want to inject some personality into your leaflets? Check out these:  Berlin Sans, MV Boli, Harrington, Lucida Bright-still giving you clear easy to read font but with a teeny bit of added individuality. Perfect for creative products and businesses.

I.T and Office based businesses could consider the fonts that only mainly straight letter features such as: Agency FB, Century Gothic, OCR A Extended-these fonts will convey a straightforward factual and serious tone that will show your professionalism.

Show your softer side

Rounder fonts convey warmth and reliability. Fonts such as Cavolini, Arial Rounded, Posterama, Rooney are often used by businesses offering any kind of personal, beauty or home based products and services.

These fonts are usually used to give detail rather than provide sales information so are less hard hitting.

Stick with tradition

If you need to evoke an element of tradition or history then experiment with: Algerian, Copperplate, Gothic, Broadway, Goudy. These fonts are perfect for bespoke products and services and are often used for themed advertising such as a theatre show or event.

What not to do:

Always think about your target market, whilst a lot of font will appeal to a range of customer’s we would recommend avoiding a font like Comic Sans unless you are going for a comic style leaflet for teenagers and children.

After selectin your font, always look at a proof before printing, the ‘Impact’ font is often counter productive and appears too much when used on a leaflet.

If you have trouble reading the swirly-twirly-tightly constructed letter fonts on the drop down menu then neither will your customers so do not even think of using this on your leaflet.

Help needed?

If you have your perfect font in mind or would like some help and guidance with producing or distributing your leaflet in Essex CLICK HERE or call us on 01702 780027