Colour is key when it comes to designing the perfect leaflet for your business.

Use of specially chosen colours, when designing your leaflet can do more than simply ‘catch the eye’ of your prospective customers, so this decision should not be taken lightly. Whilst colour blocking can help to separate different areas of text and appear more user friendly, there is also an almost secret subliminal power that comes into play when using certain colours.

Think about your business, what you stand for, then who you want to appeal to and what colours will grab the attention of your ideal customer. Have a read of the rainbow below and see if an injection of colour into your leaflets will help you to hypnotise and grab your customers into action.

Vibrant Reds:

This colour can be used for a variety of different secret messages: love, lust, vibrant, cutting edge, energised, boldness, assertiveness, magnetic, powerful and stimulation.

Think about using this colour to motivate an impulse purchase.


Mellow Yellows:

Imagine sunsets and sunrises, warm, relaxation, vitality, energy, safety, hope and optimism. Yellow is a cheerful, bright, friendly colour making you feel familiar, happy and safe.

If you are in the travel or health industries, then this could be a colour to think about using.


Zingy Oranges:

Fun, fruity, confident, loud and proud this energetic colour is fresh breathing life into your advertising.

This vibrant tone is best coupled with a product that stands out from the crown is guaranteed to make your customers energetic and full of life.


Positive Purples:

Ranging from a pale lilac through to a deep, dark hue. Purple will hit your customers with your creativity, wisdom, individual, free thinking product or service.

With connotations too of the mystic, sensual and the dramatic. This is the colour that will highlight your USP.


True Blues:

A stalwart of a primary colour that you can use to your advantage, with obvious links to all things water based and aquatic. Blues can also offer a calm, reassuring, safe and secure feeling that can also blend into a relaxational shade.

This is a good colour to bear in mind if you have a high cost service or product, as this promotes trust and responsibility.


Natural Greens:

Greens have a direct connection to nature and the outdoors giving your customers the ideas of fresh and lush products and services that work in the gardening, food, environmental and health sectors.

Greens being a peaceful colour should be used to promote natural, organic businesses.


Balanced Blends:

Light greys, whites, creams and silvers offer understated reassurance, simplicity, elegance, cleanliness and a touch of luxury. Bathroom and cleaning services would be wise to make use of these neutral and unobtrusive colours.


Brands we love

All of the favourite household names that we know and love all use colour to reinforce their message and brand. Are you an exciting, bold and youthful Coca Cola red or a trustworthy and dependable strong Oral B blue. These brands are now known worldwide for the colour that represents them throughout their marketing and packaging.

Choose your colour

Before deciding on the best colours for your message do your research, this is much easier than you think. We are surrounded by companies using colour to sell their products. Look at bus stops, television, product packaging, posters in windows, other leaflets and adverts in shops. Question the use of colour, ask yourself why the colours used have been used, what is stays about the company and their message and if this has been successful.

You will start to see patterns and links that will help you to see how the use of colour can help you with your own leaflets.

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