When it comes to deciding on the size of your leaflet to advertise your small business should you go big and bold or stay small and perfectly formed?

Here’s our guide to help you decide the way to go.

A3 size: big and bold if you want to flash the cash (420mm x 297mm)

This is more your window poster than your post-box friendly leaflet, so think carefully about who would benefit from a flyer of this size and where this style of advertising would be best located. This will be your most expensive option.

A4 size: lots of space if you have the budget to spare (297mm x 210mm) 

Now we are getting a little more consumer friendly, while being big enough to include as much information as you want to share.

This size can be seen as a ‘one size fits all’ flyer that can be used as posters, flyers when advertising at events and also easily folded to pop through those letter boxes.

However, due to the space that you get and the print needed to cover it, this will be a slightly pricier option.

A5 size: the all rounder and good value for money (210mm x 148mm)

Probably the most popular size for leaflets and flyers due to combining enough space for key information and special offers with a higher quantity of leaflets for your money.

Remember you can use both sides of the paper to maximise your marketing! Not as cumbersome or out there as its A4 partner and the perfect size for pockets and bags.

A6 size: short and sweet and kind on your budget too (148mm x 105mm)

This size would create a personal postcard size flyer. We would recommend using this size as an after-care mail shot or special offers for existing customers, who have already used your services. Alternatively, you can easily pop one of these into any postal orders or purchases at the point of sale or postage.

Regardless of the size that you decide on remember that your leaflet or flyer has to compete with the others out there.

Always bear in mind the key things that your leaflet needs to do.


Attention-achieved through logo, font, images, colour, key words

Interest- What can you offer that is different from your competitors?

Desire- How can you make your services desired and wanted?

Action-make it crystal clear how potential customers should contact you

Please do remember: it is not about the biggest, glossiest and most expensive leaflet that you can create. Businesses of any size and with any budget will be able to find a leaflet option that will serve your needs. Go large or stay small, as long as you think carefully about how your leaflet is presented, your services and your brand will be able to reach your target customers!

If we can be of any help with advice on your leaflet campaign, please CONTACT US