So, you’ve decided to do a Leaflet distribution to promote your business in the local area? Great! A physical item that cannot be simply scrolled past, and at the very least has to be held for a few seconds is a cost-effective and proven marketing technique to get your brand and your brand message in front of your potential customers. But we’ve all heard the horror stories of batches of newspapers or leaflets ending up in a bin, rather than through the intended letterboxes!

How will do I ensure that my leaflets will be distributed securely?

Do your research and homework into local distributors in your area, Ask other businesses who they would recommend and see if you can find any online reviews of their services.

When you have selected the distributor that best suits you and your business’s needs ask the delivery process to be fully explained to you so that you absolutely understand how your leaflets will get delivered.

How do the distributors ensure that your leaflets are delivered to the right place within the time limit agreed and in tip-top condition?

Make sure that you ask about how the company ‘quality control’ their service to you.

Do they do spot checks?

Are the leaflet droppers supervised at all times?

Are there processes in place to keep account of your delivery?

These are the types of questions that you need to ask for your own piece of mind.

How will the company feedback the success of the leaflet drop to you?

If there is not an allocated process in place for this then you should call the company and ask directly for the feedback. Ideally, a good distributor should be feeding back to you as standard.

Were there any addresses unable to be delivered to? Why? Are they able to provide you with a list of road names?

What can you do?

You could arrange to conduct your own spot checks after your leaflets have been delivered.

When a customer contacts you asking for further information, you can note down their location.

Ask to see your distributors in action – a company that takes pride in its work will not mind!

Ask the right questions, follow up on the success of your distribution campaign, and you will find that a leaflet campaign can be a great asset in promoting your business and seeking out your next customer!

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