When it comes to marketing your business, first impressions last.

And that is true whether you are contacting someone face to face, over the telephone, from a website or via the magic of your leaflet.

Your target customers want reliability, transparency, and honesty from you and your services BUT how do you translate all that is good about you and your business onto the humble piece of paper?

It’s easier than you think!

Work with your logo

Start with your carefully designed business logo and you are on your way. This is a must-have element on your leaflet. Select a maximum of two colours from your logo and use these as the base colours for fonts.

It’s all about what you font

It is said that you can tell a lot about a person from their handwriting. The same goes for selecting a font that represents you and your services.

They are not quite right are they? Mike’s Autos should convey trustworthiness, and Modern Landscaping should FEEL modern (with a natural twist if we’re being specific!) People will feel something from your logo before they read it, make it FEEL right.

Do take your time to scroll through those weirdly named fonts to select one or two that you feel reflect who you are as a business. You can vary the font sizes for headings and key points too.

Fake news?

How many times have you seen a leaflet with a generic happy family advertising your service, or a smiling receptionist with a perfectly placed headset ready to take your call? You know it’s an act. It doesn’t fill you with ease does it? So,

Keep your marketing real

A photo of you with your team, or a photo of your work or product that is genuine will work a treat. Your customers will be reassured by your openness and eager to put a name to a face and your service too!

Blank space is a friend!

Plenty of white space around images and text helps a reader to navigate the information. Don’t be scared to make sure that you have some of this going on, and resist the urge to go mad with the colour tool and border choices or fill every last inch with content – let it breathe and it will be much easier for people to take in your message at a quick glance.


Or, In my honest opinion if you are not up to speed.  Ask for feedback from your nearest and dearest before you complete your design. What are their first impressions of your leaflet? What do they like? What would they change?

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

You should now have the best leaflet of them all! Well, at least one that is true to you and your business – which is what you want.

If you would like more help with running your own successful leaflet campaign, then give Essex Leaflet Angel a call on 01702 780027.