Take a leaf out of our book and let the world know all about you and your business!

Leaflets have been a stalwart of the marketing industry and have been popping through our letter boxes long before adverts have been clogging up our in boxes.

So, what is it about that carefully designed and folded piece of paper that makes it such a powerful addition to your marketing plan?

Give me an L:

Leaflets last and they have longevity. Think about it. How many times have you deleted a marketing or advertising email without even opening it? The humble leaflet though is not so easy to ignore. Once through the letter box, your target customer has to pick it up and once they pick it up it is in view. Whether they want to or not, they are engaging with your leaflet. At the very least it is seen and held, which is more than can be said for their email counterparts.

Give me an E:

Easy to read and produced with your customer in mind, the leaflet cannot fail at being effective. Cost effective especially when compared to marketing methods; leaflets are cheap to produce and distribute. Enticing with a special offer or a discount code, leaflets with these on are 50% more likely to be kept or passed on to a friend or family member.

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Advantages of using leaflets include: being value for money; designed for maximum impact; easy to produce and deliver; simple to measure success of a leafleting campaign and flexibility to adapt or change your leaflets to suit different area or customers.

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Facts and Figures: research shows that 48% of consumers actually visited the shop advertised, requested extra information or bought a product after receiving a leaflet through their door. 48% of consumers responded to leaflets compared to 47% for direct marketing, 47% for television and 60% for media advertising.

Give me an L:

Light to carry or transport, they look great and most importantly they let your customers know why you are the ones to contact. Links are made directly between you and your customer with everything your customer needs to know all in one place.

Give me an E:

Explaining your services, your prices, your offers and your USP, leaflets are able to answer many of your customer’s questions before they even have the chance to think of your competitors. This makes leaflets efficient in providing key information quickly while emphasising the best you have to offer.

Give me a T:

Targeting your perfect customer has never been easier. Leaflets can be delivered to any area with minimum fuss. You can design your leaflet to speak directly to your customer with carefully selected information and offers that you know will grab their attention.

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