It’s almost as though QR codes appeared from nowhere overnight. Due to the pandemic, businesses were forced to conjure up new, more inventive forms of marketing, resulting in a 96% growth of QR reach from 2018-2020.

From this came the rise of the QR code. This blog will explore everything you need to know about QR codes and how you can implement them within your business marketing strategy.

What is a QR code?

Put simply, a QR code stands for quick response – because that’s exactly what it gives its users! They are scannable barcodes that store and provide data. You can use a QR code to redirect to a website, an offer, or a landing page filled with information relevant to your business, product or service.

What are the different types of QR code?

There are two types of QR code – static and dynamic. A static QR code contains information within the code that cannot be changed. So, once the QR code has been made, it will only ever be for the information programmed onto it, whether that be an offer or a website.

Alternatively, a dynamic QR code can be changed. For instance, if you run a restaurant, you’ll be able to programme the QR code to your menu one day, and then to a coupon offer the next. All of this can be done while using the same QR code!

How does a QR code work?

A QR code works similarly to a barcode that you may find in a supermarket. Each dot or square represents a different piece of information, and when it is scanned, the information is translated into a readable form in seconds. Many people scan QR codes using their smartphone cameras, but you can also download apps to do this, too.

What are the benefits of using a QR code for marketing?

A QR code can be an overlooked asset as part of a business marketing plan. There are many benefits to using a QR code as a piece of marketing material – it’s quick, it’s simple and it’s accessible – but there are also many more advantages…

1. They’re free
One of the biggest advantages of using QR codes as marketing material is that they are free to generate. In addition to the low cost of a QR code, they also reap great rewards in the forms of consumer engagement and interaction. Which leads us on nicely to the fact that…

2. They’re fun and interactive
QR codes allow your business to stand out from the crowd. Whilst they’ve been around since 1994, many businesses only utilised them during COVID for social distancing purposes. It’s not too late to hop on the QR code train again! A QR code provokes interest from potential customers which can then lead to more conversions.

3. They’re measurable
If analytics are important to you and your business marketing plan, then you’ll be happy to know that QR codes are not only great for storing data. They are also great tools for collecting data. Due to the nature of QR code and the ability to add a custom URL code, you can easily track metrics from how many scans your QR codes receive straight into your analytics.

4. They allow you to reach your audience anywhere
One of the most brilliant things about QR codes is their versatility. For example: with a newsletter, you’re targeting your audience when they’re looking at their emails; with an advert, you’re targeting your audience when they’re watching TV, but how do you target your audience when they’re out and about? This is where a QR code comes in handy – you can target your audience when they’re out and about, no matter what they’re doing.

What type of marketing materials would you put on a QR code?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to which marketing materials you can put onto QR codes. Depending on your business, you may find that some of these data-sets are more relevant to you than others. You can put the following pieces of data onto QR codes:

● Websites and landing pages
● Contact details – phone numbers, emails, business contact details
● Social media profiles
● Video links
● PDFs
● Mobile apps

So, there’s everything you need to know about QR codes all in one blog post. Take a dive into the world of QR code marketing, and who knows where you may end up. Happy scanning!