T’is the season…

Like it or not, the festive season is looming. For many of you, this can mean increased business and customers and at a time of year when we are thinking of friends and family, then it would also be pertinent for you to spare a grateful thought for the customers who have supported you throughout the year.

Card or mail shot?

There are pros and cons to both options.
The tradition of sending Christmas cards has declined in the new age of email and message apps, but that does not detract from the message that a Christmas card symbolises and that is one that says:
‘Thinking of you.’
‘You are valued and appreciated.’
‘You are important.’
Everyone is aware of the time and effort it takes to buy, design, and post a card and therefore the sentiment and thought would be welcomed.

However, to maximise the feel-good factor and gesture of festive good-will, we recommend the following:
Preprinted and generically typed, mass produced cards are a no-no. All that says to your customers is ‘You have made me so much money that I have just paid for these to be sent and sorted on my behalf.’ The card will go straight in the recycling and will leave your customer wondering why you bothered.
If you are going for a preprinted and pre typed card, then at least ensure that you type or handwrite each customer’s name and that you handwrite your own sign off and signature. (Of course, if you have a vast number of customers then you can employ some helpful elves to assist with this.)
An email greeting is harder to personalise but easier and cheaper to send, especially to many customers. Think carefully about your message title, so that it doesn’t get taken as a regular marketing or sales email.
Whichever option that you chose find a way weave in your business logo and a small token of your appreciation. An early bird new year offer, a one-off discount deal, or a priority service will really show that you are genuinely grateful for their continued custom.

Design of your greeting:

Aside from the usual Christmas motifs of trees, snowmen, reindeers, and stars you should also include some or all of your business logo, colour and font to link in with all you and your business stand for.
Be creative in your thinking and see if you can use symbols of your business within your greeting.
We have included a look at some examples within this blog to see how other businesses have managed to do this.

Whatever you decide a well thought out and genuine greeting will be appreciated and welcomed, and go some way to ensuring that your valued customers will keep coming back to you and your business.