It’s about time!

You know the benefits of a successful leaflet campaign and of a well-produced leaflet, but have you considered the timing of your leaflet campaign to further maximise the benefits?

You will have your own busy times and peak periods during your business year that are unique to your working industry. The key to maximising the positive outcomes of your leaflet campaign is careful planning and timings.

As a starting point, we suggest thinking ahead to one of your peak times for sales and services and then working backwards through the calendar.

Then think about all of the time factors that will need to be taken into consideration and work back from the peak time.

Here are some considerations for you to think about:

  • How long will your customers need to make a decision? For example, decorating, gardening and building work will require far more decision-making time than having a beauty treatment or a takeaway.
  • Is your business truly seasonal? If you think of the gardening or building example these projects are better completed in the drier, summer months. Contrastingly, home service engineers, like plumbers and heating experts are particularly busy when the weather turns in Autumn and Winter.
  • How reactive and responsive would you expect your target audience to be? Students and the under 25s are statistically more likely to spend spontaneously than an older demographic.
  • Think about a closing date for any offers or discounts that you are giving as an incentive. Will you be able to deliver your service or product immediately, or will you need to factor in a further consultation and planning period beforehand?
  • Would a second, further ‘nudge’ leaflet drop after the first, initial campaign be beneficial or productive?
  • Consider how long it might take for your customers to act on your leaflet and make use of your products or services.

The actual time of day that your leaflet reaches your customer is also worth contemplating. Leaflets dropped in the morning or early on in the day give the customer to act straight away with an order, an enquiry or a purchase. Whereas those leaflet for bigger projects and purchases, when dropped on a Friday, or a Saturday morning give your customers the chance to digest, discuss and consider the service and products that you are offering over the weekend.

In summary these are the thoughts to takeaway when time managing your leaflet campaign:

  • Plan ahead to allow time for your leaflet to be noticed, considered and acted upon.
  • Think about the best day or time of day for your leaflet to be received
  • Consider how quickly you can deliver your service or product at peak times

And remember, as always, we are here should you wish to discuss or if we can help you plan your campaign so that it is successful and productive for YOU!